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Ancient Temazcal Ritual


A Temazcal is a prehispanic ritual that is guided by a Chaman, bringing back to life an ancient indigenous steamroom that uses volcanic stones that have been placed back in the fire, remaining in its intense heat until the stones are radiating a red-orange glow, the hot stones are subsequently doused with water within a sealed Temazcal. 

The Chaman will guide you through the "four doors" each representing one of the sacred cardinal directions; East, West, North and South. Each door consists of placing the incadescent volcanic stones in the center of the Temazcal, the Stone Handlers close the door behind the Chaman after which he/she commences with indigenous spiritual chants in the native Nahuatl language of the Aztecs, while at the same time adding local herbs and spices over the hot stones, creating a soothing and purifying aroma. Finalizing the chants the Chaman pours a large amount of water over all of the stones releasing an explosion of steam that fills the small Temazcal room with heat that can be felt in all extremeties of the body. Once the fourth and final door has finished you leave the Temazcal reborn from the womb of Mother Earth, as you exit you are showered with room temperature water by the Chaman giving you a jolt of energy that rushes through your body. The Eastern exit is aligned with the rising sun, which symbolizes the start of new life. A towel, bathrobe and hydrating tea await for you next to the Temazcal that is secluded within its own part the jungle at Imanta. 

Swimwear is the recommended attire. Entry is barefoot.

Private Session    $650.00USD++ (12 people max.)

Communal Temazcal Saturdays at 3:30PM    $100.00USD++ per person (12 people max.)

Subject to weather conditions

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