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The Cliff

Romance at The Cliff

The Cliff at Imanta is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings nature and tradition together. A golf cart takes you deep into Imanta's jungle leaving you at the start of a wide trail where all you will hear is the sound of the Chamans drum intertwined with the sounds of nature. You follow the beating of the drum until you reach the Chaman at which point he/she will guide you along with a Snail Blower and a Huichol Flute to the first station under a palapa, gently protected from the sun with panoramic views of the southern coast. At the first station you receive a welcome cocktail along with a few select seasonal appetizers, as you wait for the sun light to lose its intensity. The Huichol Flute player presents himself to guide you to the second station, where you will enjoy the sunset over the ocean and see the clouds in the sky be painted like a canvas creating an array of pastel colors. The second station is considered our "raw bar" as here we serve fresh local seafood served as ceviche, sashimi or in its shell, going with our house white wine. When the torches light up with fire the Snail Blower presents himself to guide you to the third and final station where you will then see the pastel colored sky transform into a starlit night with a scenic view of the northern coast. In the third station you receive the main course, a Surf & Turf platter that includes lobster tails and filet mignon medallions that are accompanied with house red and white wine. For dessert receive a chocolate fondue served with a variety of fruits on the side, paired with a glass of Champagne. At the end, the Chaman, the Snail Blower and the Huichol Flute present themselves to guide you back through the trail where you will find a golf cart waiting.


This experience makes homage to the four elements of nature; wind, water, earth and fire. Everything is candle and torch lit with no artificial lights, while the food is prepared in a woodfire grill. The trails are made of the natural clay found on-site, while the ocean and its light breeze are always present. 

Start time varies between 5PM and 6:30PM depending on sunset time. Check times with our Guest Experience team.

The Cliff is the most solicited Signature Experience at Imanta, make sure you reserve in advance of your stay. We recommend comfortable footwear for this experience, avoid using heels of any type. 

$1,500.00USD++ per couple

$250.00USD++ per additional person

Available only November through May

Subject to weather conditions

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