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Baby Turtle Release

Ojo de Dios

One of the premier experiences within Imanta is our baby turtle release program. Every year an average of 5,000 baby turtles hatch at Imanta's main beach. From June to September the momma turtles will come out of the ocean at night and venture on to the beach to find a safe and dry area in which to spawn their future younglings, roughly each adult female turtle will spawn 100 eggs that will all to hatch simultaneously after 60 to 70 days of nesting. Our team at Imanta patrols the beach each morning looking for turtle trails that indicate that a momma turtle has visited the beach, when this happens the eggs are placed within a nursery that protects the eggs from coatis and crabs that love to munch on them. During the months of September and December after nesting for a few months the baby turtles begin to break their egg shells and hatch into the world. Once they hatch the baby turtles must be released 30-minutes prior to sunset and within 24-hours of hatching to give them the best opportunity to survive in the wild.

Seasonal Experience:   Late August  to  Early December

Courtesy for all in-house guests

Subject to weather and oceanic conditions

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