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Monkey Mountain Hike

Monkey Mountain Hike

Enjoy a guided hike departing at 10AM from Imanta's main beach, ascending up the jungle ridge until you reach the summit of Monkey Mountain at 350 meters / 1,150 feet above sea level, providing the most iconic views in the region. On the top of the mountain there are two sites to visit, the summit and the Terrace of Chants where the indigenous Cora people would do their spiritual chants that would be echoed by the Sierra de Vallejo moutain range that is infront of this natural terrace, from here enjoy direct views towards the Pacific Ocean, Sayulita, San Pancho and an expanse of green jungle terrain. The guide will carry a backpack with water and a few snacks like fruits and nuts to replenish energies and hydrate. Encounter potential exotic wildlife like coatis, macaws, eagles, peccaries, deer, among many other incredible species that inhabit the jungle of Monkey Mountain. We recommend comfortable tennis shoes or hiking boots, a cap, sunscreen, and if possible long sleeves and pants that are suitable for sportswear to avoid contact with insects and leaves, though shorts and t-shirts can be used as well. This experience is ideal for outdoor lovers that want to do a bit of exercise while enjoying the natural beauty that is Monkey Mountain and the Sierra de Vallejo Mountain range. The hike lasts approximately between 2 and 3 hours; one hour up the mountain, half an hour in the summit and another 45 minutes down back to Imanta.


$150.00USD++ per couple


$25.00USD++ per additional person 

Max. 8 people

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