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Premium Agave Tasting


Agave is a mystical plant that contains many incredible properties and has been revered by people in Mexico since ancient times. Agave produces one of the most famous distilled spirits in the world, Tequila, along with Mezcal and Raicilla, who are starting to make a name for themselves in the world of high-end spirits. This experience takes place at the pinnacle of Imanta in the Observatorio Rooftop Bar. Be guided by our house sommelier and mixologist as he/she teaches you about the history and process that each distillation of agave has, understanding what makes each so special and unique. In total try two Tequila's, two Mezcales and one Raicilla as the sun sets in the distance. This experience is ideal for alcohol connoisseurs who want to broaden their knowledge of Mexican distilled spirits that come from the magical Agave plant. 


Starts:   6PM

$300USD++ per couple

$150USD++ per additional person

Subject to weather conditions

Must be reserved 24-hours in advance

50% charge applies for cancellations or itinerary changes that occur within 24-hours

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