All You Want to Know About Punta de Mita

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All You Want to Know About Punta de Mita

We talk often about the beauty of Imanta Resorts and the luxury that can be found here, but another factor that deserves recognition is Punta de Mita itself. While the Riviera Nayarit area is full of gorgeous locations, nothing quite dazzles as much as this town that is full of magic and history.

To share a glimpse of the wonders to be found in this area, we have compiled some of the best things about this location. Take a look:

  • It’s peaceful, quiet, and relaxing-Puerto Vallarta draws plenty of visitors on a monthly basis and it can often be considered a bit too busy for many people’s preferences. This is one reason why nearby Punta de Mita may be perfect for you. It has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that invites you to relax and simply enjoy the beauty around you.
  • You can play as much golf as you like-There are several golf courses in the area where you can play some of the best green spaces in the country. Whether you join a club or simply enjoy a game, if you are a golf fanatic, Punta de Mita will not disappoint.
  • You can participate in water sports galore here-At Imanta Resorts, we can help you enjoy some of the best water sports around. From kayaking to snorkeling, we offer plenty of fun water activities at our resort. If you want to enjoy paddle-boarding or perhaps do a bit of sailing, you will discover that the town is full of opportunity for water enjoyment and adventure.
  • The beaches are truly amazing here-As you will be able to tell by our luxury resort, the ocean is incredibly blue and beautiful here. The beaches are expansive and provide you with privacy and a sense of exclusivity. It’s one reason why Punta de Mita is so popular as a place for many to visit. The beauty is unmatched anywhere else around and it’s the perfect atmosphere for relaxing.
  • There is plenty of history to learn about-If you are a culture buff, you will appreciate getting to know more about the native Huichol history and culture, as well as perhaps collecting some popular Huichol art or crafts.

From the beach to the relaxing environment in Punta de Mita, if what you are looking for is a fabulous beach vacation, you will find it here. Check out our website to see some pictures of the gorgeous scenery waiting for you at Imanta Resorts.

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